We have a lot of make-up products to extend your range of self-expressions.

Foundations, Powders, Brushes, Eye Shadows, Mascaras, Eye Pencils & Liners, Lip Colors, and Nails , all of those stuffs have wide variations and all kinds of colors.

Anna Sui Lip Stick No.207

A creamy, smooth, and long lasting lipstick with 5-color categories to cover every mood and moment. Wear it alone or combine with Anna Sui's Lip Gel for a dazzling, drenched look

Anna Sui Eye Color 112

Arts and crafts time. Eye-popping bright in the pan, these colors will be brilliant or soft depending upon how you apply yourself. Goes on velvety smooth, stays on and on. Use an applicator, brush or fingertip to control the effect

Anna Sui Lip Gel No.700 5g

Picks up where shine leaves off. Rich and glossy for a finish that's like translucent candy on the lips. Wear lip gel over lipstick for a high glam transparent finish.

Anna Sui Lip Liner Pencil - No. 300 1.2g/0.04oz

Anna Sui - No. 300,A luscious lips 'Sui Style' with these glide-on-smooth lip liners,Available in nine classic shades ,** Please note: a signature will be required for delivery of this item.

Anna Sui Lip Liner Pencil 700

A luscious lips 'Sui Style' with these glide-on-smooth lip liners

ANNA SUI Luxury Face Powder #001

Anna Sui Luxury Face Powder * loose finishing powder * creates a soft transparent film and maintains a clear finish that lasts all day