We have a lot of make-up products to extend your range of self-expressions.

Foundations, Powders, Brushes, Eye Shadows, Mascaras, Eye Pencils & Liners, Lip Colors, and Nails , all of those stuffs have wide variations and all kinds of colors.



Our Foundations cover facial pores, spots and skin contours, and create translucent skins with resilient. These foundations glide over your skins and produce your skins as silks, then give long lasting performance, and also shield the skins from UV rays.



A distinctive feature of our powders – you can use these for faces and bodies - is that they contain sparkling lames or silver /gold pearls. They add a glow to the skins, make your skins gorgeous with translucent and depth.

Brushes & Eye Shadows

eye shadows

Our much-loved face-colors and eye-colors are kept colors bright and are sustained the effect over time. Face-colors were coated the powders by oil and then can a ere tightly to your skins. We have a lot of unique colors for Eye-colors. The sheer coloration, lames and pearl powders make your eyes impressive.

Mascaras, Eye-Pencils and Liners

Mascara lashes appear ultimately extended, remarkably separated, and virtually multiplied in number. The mascaras make your eyes more impactful.

We have numerous variations of colors for eye pencils and liners, and it is comfortable and easy to handle. The products shape and define your eyes, then make every look last even longer, rich, luminous color pigments

Lip Colors

lip colors

Our lip-colors have a long wear and hydrating textures that make your lips shine and glossy. Our popular grosses provide even coverage and contours lips with amazing precision for voluptuous pump curves.



Our Nail Art Color has unique color variations with good colorations. The nail color produce glamorous nails with dazzling lames and vivid colors. You will notice that Rose flavors are scented on your fingertips

Lip gloss

-Captures light and gives lip intense color -Adds extra sparkle to your lips -Ensures long lasting shine -Brilliant color -Even color when mixed